Silverlight Sessions Recap

At MIX10 there were 3 SharePoint sessions.  I went to each of the sessions and found all of them interesting. 

All session links below go to the MIX page for that session.  At the MIX page you can view the recorded session.

There are several great introductory session on Silverlight 4:

Developing with WCF RIA Services Quickly and Effectively describes the capabilities of WCF RIA Services.  This is the new hot technology for accessing data from Silverlight.  It builds on LINQ and WCF and provides a LINQ to SQL like querying component for Silverlight.

Dynamic Layout and Transitions for Microsoft Silverlight 4 with Microsoft Expression Blend is an interesting session that describes the use of Blend to build transitions and layouts without writing code.

For developers with Flash experience there is an interesting session called Flash Skills Applied to Microsoft Silverlight Design and Development that can help bridge the gap between Flash and Silverlight.